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Keeping clients safe – Mia shares her story

November 15, 2019

Did you know that at HSA, we don’t just cover hair stylists? We also look after beauty therapists and beauticians, too! Today we’re telling the story of one of our WA ambassadors, Mia.

Mia earned her Certificate II in Beauty Therapy, and completed her training at a local day spa. Like hair stylists, beauty trainees are given three years to complete their certificate, but they can cut down the time depending on how much work is done on theory and practical training.

Mia finished her traineeship in 12 months. “My manager and a lecturer that came to our salon did my training, and they were both amazing!” She says. “Very thorough and strict.”

Unfortunately, while her training was fantastic, the salon itself suddenly closed after Mia had been working there for three years. She was left thousands of dollars out of pocket, and relcaimed some of her stolen wages in court. The experience has given her a new passion to educate others about the risk of dodgy employers in the industry, and she’s now an HSA ambassador.

Mia also runs her own salon, the MRK Beauty Bar, and has the freedom to pursue her beauty career on her own terms. “I’ve been lucky enough to always work for companies that strive to ensure they follow all the correct OHS guidelines and rules,” Mia tells us. “Pedicures in shopping centre salons are unfortunately known to come with the risk of getting fungal infections.”

When you’re dealing with make-up, skincare, and personal grooming, it’s super important to keep your workplace clean and tidy, something a lot of beauticians unfortunately aren’t given the time to do. Mia’s two main takeaways from her OHS training are:

  • Use disposable products where possible – nail files, buffers, pedicure paddles, and liners. Also, single-use wax sticks, mascara wands, and lip wands.
  • Disinfect your workspace as soon as you’re finished with a client, and make sure it’s 100% clean.

“I was extremely lucky to be taught the correct procedures from the beginning,” Mia says. “I have worked with girls that have had to relearn how to work with these techniques.”

Mia is passionate about the beauty industry, and educating others on the importance of OHS in the workplace. “Without these protocols in place, you could seriously injure or cause harm to yourself or the client,” she says. “Following these standards shows that you are a reputable therapist.”

If you’re like Mia, and know something is wrong in your salon, whether it’s your wages, OHS, or any other issue, you’re not alone. “I personally know how traumatic it can be, speaking up to an employer who is doing wrong,” Mia says. “But if I am faced with any issues now, I head straight to HSA to help with advice with what my rights are, and what I can do to handle these situations.”

“I have also dealt with Fair Work as well. They can be super helpful with advice, and you can also stay anonymous if they contact your employer.”

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