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You’re not alone in the hair industry. We are creating a big family of hair stylists who want to improve the industry. We know that hair stylists don’t always get the respect they deserve. We also know nothing will change if we do nothing. We are all about big bold ideas to change the future of the hair industry for the better. Join our growing hair family and let’s shake up the industry together!

What is Hair Stylists Australia?

Over the past two years we have heard countless stories from hair stylists from around the country – hair stylists who have been bullied and harassed, underpaid not paid, not given breaks, not provided with adequate training and working in unsafe conditions. Hair Stylists in Australia have been without a voice for too many decades. That’s where we come in…

We’re a new union for hairdressers and we want to change hair industry for the better, but we can’t do it without you. We’re about bringing hair stylists together, to provide a platform and a voice and also to provide support and advice if you’re having difficulty at work.

Together we can shake up the hair industry.

Meet Our Ambassadors

What’s a union?

The word union is “the act of joining together”.

If you look at Australian history, any real positive change that’s happened in workplaces has been because people have grouped together and have created the power to change it. Think of things like the minimum wage, holiday leave, maternity leave, sick leave – all these benefits have come about not because bosses ‘feel like it’ – but because workers grouped together and demanded it.

A union is all about looking after each other and Hair Stylists Australia has been established to bring hairdressers together to achieve a better future for the hair industry.

Australian hairdressers haven’t had an active union in decades, and it’s probably no coincidence that because of this it’s currently one of the lowest paid trades in the country.

What can a union do for hair stylists?

When you think of other trades and professions that have good pay and conditions, who do you think of? Nurses? Teachers? Builders, plumbers, electricians? Actually, these trades and professions all have something in common – they are all industries that have a strong union.

What makes a strong union? People do! The more people who belong to a union, the stronger a union is to get good outcomes for the people who work in that industry.

Why should I become a member?

We have heard from hundreds of hairdressers who love the trade with a passion, but have put up with really bad treatment at some stage in their hairdressing career. This includes bullying and harassment, underpayments, forced to work in unsafe conditions and stolen superannuation.

The hair industry doesn’t have to be like this. We know some salons have got away with poor treatment for years because there is no one to hold them to account.. Well, now there is.

Alone we can’t hold bad salons to account, or change the industry. But together, with the support of hairdressers like you around the country we can start to change the hair industry for good.

A better hair industry starts with you. Become a member today.

Become a Member Today

Are you ready to create a better future in the hair industry? Then come on board and become a HSA member today.

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