About HSA

We’re a new union for hair + beauty workers, and we want to change hair industry for the better – but we can’t do it without you!

If you look at Australian history, any real positive change that’s happened in workplaces has been because people have grouped together and have created the power to change it.

Think of things like the minimum wage, holiday leave, maternity leave, sick leave – all these benefits have come about not because bosses ‘feel like it’ – but because workers grouped together and demanded it.

A union is all about looking after each other and Hair Stylists Australia has been established to bring hair + beauty workers together to achieve a better future for the hair industry.

Since we kicked off a few years ago, Hair Stylists Australia has achieved some amazing things, including:

  • Retaining the Certificate 3 requirement for NSW Hair Stylists 
  • Saving a 25% cut to Sunday penalty rates in the Fair Work Commission
  • Securing a 25% pay rise for casual hair + beauty workers on weekends 
  • Recovering over $250,000 in stolen wages and super for members 

Alone, we can’t hold bad salons to account, or change the industry. But together, with the support of workers like you around the country, Hair Stylists Australia is changing the hair and beauty industry for good.

A better hair and beauty industry starts with you. Join HSA today!


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