If you work in the Hair + Beauty industry, then we cover you! We’re dedicated to supporting ALL workers, from apprentices to hair stylists to rent-a-chairs. There’s 3 reasons why it pays to be a member of HSA:

Our members are part of a grassroots network of hair and beauty professionals changing our industry for the better. Connect with workers who are keen to make a difference!

As an HSA member, you’re contributing to a better future. Every member is supporting HSA’s campaigns to improve the industry for all workers – by strengthening the Hair and Beauty Award, and securing better protections and conditions with State and Federal Governments.

Only HSA members get one-on-one advice and support with our expert team. Our legal and industrial offers can assist you with workplace disputes, including underpayments, bullying, and unsafe work conditions.



Who can Join HSA?

HSA covers everyone who works under the Hair and Beauty Award, including hair stylists, barbers, apprentice hair stylists, nail techs, beauticians, beauty therapists, laser techs, make-up artists, and rent-a-chairs and sole traders.

We cover workers in all states and territories across Australia.

Does my employer need to know if I’m a member of HSA?

Not at all! Every Australian worker has the right to join their union. Union members are protected under the General Protections provisions of the Fair Work Act and under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act. Your membership is between you and your union.
You are under no obligation to disclose this to anyone, including your employer.

How much are HSA fees?

To keep things fair, our fees are set based on how much you earn. Apprentices start at $3 per week, and most other workers pay between $5-12 per week depending on your income.

I’m an apprentice, can I join HSA?

Yes! We have a reduced rate for apprentices, and we have specialised advice and support to get you through your apprenticeship.

How do I change my details with HSA?

You can update your details yourself via our member portal, email [email protected], or send a message via our messenger chat.

Be a part of our community.

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