Who Can Join?

If you’re a hair stylist, apprentice, senior stylist, barber, beautician, beauty therapist, make-up artist, colourist, sole trader, rent-a-chair, salon assistant or receptionist, we cover you. If you’re unsure if you’re eligible to be a member, just ask us a question on chat.

The Benefits

We’re run and supported by a growing collective of workers across Australia, coming together to make a difference! As a member of HSA, you:

  • join our network of hair and beauty professionals for 24/7 info and support
  • access expert advice for workplace disputes
  • support our campaigns to strengthen the Award for ALL workers!

Join the Movement

Our members are part of a grassroots network of hair and beauty professionals changing our industry for the better. Connect with workers who are keen to make a difference!

Support Campaigns for Change

As an HSA member, you’re contributing to a better hair future. Every member is supporting HSA’s campaigns to improve the industry for all workers – by strengthening the Hair and Beauty Award, and securing better protections and conditions with State and Federal Governments.

Professional Advice and Support

Only HSA members get one-on-one advice and support with our expert team. Our legal and industrial officers can assist you with workplace disputes, including underpayments, bullying, and unsafe work conditions.

Join Us

Are you ready to create a better future in the hair and beauty industry? Then come on board and become a HSA member today.

Member Fees

All members are required to pay a small fee to be entitled to membership. We’re not-for-profit, which means your fees go directly towards our small but powerful team of legal officers and campaigners who are building a better future in our industry. We’re by the workers, for the workers.

We want to keep things fair, which is why our fees are based on your position, and how much you earn. Check out our rates below!


If you are currently completing a hair apprenticeship. These membership rates apply to you.

Experience Weekly Rate
1st Year $3.00
2nd Year $3.00
3rd Year $5.00
4TH Year $5.00

Qualified Hairdressers + Sole Traders

If you are a qualified hairdresser with a Certificate 3 or above, these rates apply to you.

salary weekly rate
Below 26k $5.00
more than 26k $7.00
more than 46k $9.00
more than 66k $12.00

Join Us

Are you ready to create a better future in the hair + beauty industry? Then come on board and become an HSA member today.

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