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Need some help with a situation at work? This is a one stop shop to provide you with information on your rights, you can chat with us using the ‘chat’ button if need to ask a question, or if you would like to speak to someone you can book a call.

Know your rights at work

Do you know your rights at work? We’ve got all the info on your pay, hours, leave and everything in between!


Retirement might seem like a long way away. But it’s important to know how much super you should be paid, and that it’s being paid to secure your future.

Rosters and Hours

No one works hours like a hair stylist! Find out more about your entitlements to rosters and hours.

Overtime and Penalty Rates

Working weekends and long days should be compensated. Find you what you should be paid for working hours most people have their feet up.


Whether your planning a nice vaycay or you need some sick leave, find out about your entitlements to leave here.

Fair Pay

How much are you worth? Check out how much you should be getting paid.

Ending Employment

Time to move on from your current salon? Or have you been given the sack? It’s important to know your rights.

Bullying and Harassment

Everyone deserves a safe place to work. Find more about what bullying and harassment looks like and what you can do about it.


Is it time for a break yet? Believe or not hair stylists are entitled to breaks. Find out your entitlements here.


Do you know that apprentices have rights? Find out about your rights and entitlements here.

Get Community Support

Join our growing community of hairdressers around Australia. If you’d like to know more about the experiences of other hairdressers join our Facebook community for hair and beauty workers! Ask questions, get advice, or just say hello to other Australians in the industry. 

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