COVID-19 Financial support: 2021

by HSA Admin • July 21, 2021

With a renewed outbreak spreading across Australia, State and Federal Governments have released a number of financial support packages to help us through lockdowns and business closures. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest information. Here is an overview of what is available: NAME CATEGORY STATE AMOUNT ELIGIBILITY AVAILABLE […]

5 types of Wage Theft

by HSA Admin • July 9, 2021

Wage theft is unfortunately super common in the Hair and Beauty Industry. In fact, a Fair Work Ombudsman (or FWO) investigation into hair and beauty salons in WA found 48% were ‘non-compliant’ – meaning workers were underpaid. Stolen wages extend beyond just not being paid for hours you’ve worked. The Hair and Beauty Award is […]

Hair stylists told to wait in line for next national pay rise

by HSA Admin • July 1, 2021

Hair stylists have been sent to the back of the queue again with their latest national pay rise delayed until November. The Fair Work Commission has awarded a 2.5% increase to the national minimum wage, and all Awards, but phased this increase in three different stages. Workers’ pay under most awards, including most trades, will […]

Moving on: Emily’s Story

by HSA Admin • June 4, 2021

Finishing your apprenticeship is a huge step in your career as a hair stylist. But what do you do if you’re being held back? Today, we’re talking to Emily*, who with the help of HSA took matters into her own hands when her employer refused to sign her off.  Emily* worked as an apprentice for several years […]

Mental heath: Let’s give hair stylists ALL the tools we need to do our jobs!

by HSA Admin • May 31, 2021

We style their hair and know their beauty secrets, but increasingly, we share their souls. Australians are used to bending our hair stylists’ ears, but dumping their emotional baggage on us is taking a toll on what is already an extremely hard-working, physically draining trade with long hours and low pay. Hair Stylists Australia is […]

HSA submits evidence in Casual Loading case

by HSA Admin • May 4, 2021

HSA has officially submitted its evidence to the Fair Work Commission to try and secure fair pay for casual workers. For the past 12 months, the AWU (who powers HSA) and SDA have been putting together a legal case to change the Hair and Beauty Award to make it fairer for casuals.  Under the Award, […]

HSA Breaks down new laws for casual workers

by HSA Admin • April 22, 2021

On 27 March 2021, the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2021 (“FW Amendment Act”) commenced operating. The FW Amendment Act changes the definition of a “casual employee” in the Fair Work Act 2009 (“FW Act”) and inserts casual conversion conditions into the National Employment Standards (“NES”). What does a casual […]

“You could come to my room and I’d lock you in” Hair stylist shares her story

by HSA Admin • April 7, 2021

Many hair stylists are subject to unacceptable levels of bullying and harassment, and often feel as though there is no support when they need help. Today, we’re sharing a story from one of our members, told in her own words, after she was sexually harassed by a client at work. – I had been working […]

Taking care of your mental health at work

by HSA Admin • February 18, 2021

When we think of hazards at work, our minds usually thing of physical risks: like slippery floors, dangerous chemicals, or tools that could injure us. But there are many potential risks to our mental health, too — and all employers have a legal obligation to provide a workplace for you that is psychologically healthy and […]

How to recognise burnout – and what to do if you have it

by HSA Admin • January 21, 2021

The hair and beauty industry is fast-paced, physically strenuous, and requires an extremely high level of emotional care and empathy. So it’s no surprise more hair stylists than ever are coming to us feeling mentally exhaustedand frustrated. Our mental health and our jobs are strongly linked – if you’re struggling at work, it can lead […]

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