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How one stylist tackled workplace bullying

by HSA Admin • September 18, 2020

We’ve talked a lot about bullying at HSA – what it looks like in your salon, some tips to manage it, and the warning signs of toxic workplace culture. Recently we chatted with HSA Ambassador Lily about what happened in her workplace, and the steps she took to try and stop it. When Lily started […]

Time to rebuild: Nicole’s open letter to the industry

by HSA Admin • September 4, 2020

As a hair stylist, it can feel like we’re taking care of everyone EXCEPT ourselves. From day one of our apprenticeship, many of us are thrown in head-first into the industry, and it feels like we never get the chance to just slow down. Our HSA ambassador, Nicole, has been the industry for over thirty […]

New Beginnings: Jess shares her apprenticeship story

by HSA Admin • August 28, 2020

What do you do if you’re in an apprenticeship, but falling behind? We recently spoke to Jess, who managed to turn her difficult apprenticeship around with the help of HSA, and is sharing her story in the hopes it will inspire others. “It was fine – at the start,” Jess says. “She was professional and […]

Speaking out: Lily’s Story

by HSA Admin • June 26, 2020

It can be really hard to find the courage to speak out when you know something is wrong. But for our ambassador Lily, she’s always stuck up for herself and her co-workers, and she’s on a mission to help other hair and beauty workers to find their voice.  Lily’s story with HSA began when she […]

HSA supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation

by HSA Admin • June 1, 2020

Did you know that 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime? As a trade and industry that’s dominated by women, we are disproportionately affected by breast cancer. Many of us have sisters, mothers, aunts, friends and co-workers who are among the 20,000 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each year. […]

Have you got what it takes to be an Ethical Salon?

by HSA Admin • January 24, 2020

At HSA we know the best salons to work in are where the boss and staff are able to work together. That’s why we created the Ethical Salons initiative, to celebrate and recognise those owners who are doing right by their staff, and to give them support where they need it. So what does it […]

HSA wins penalty rates case with FWC!

by HSA Admin • January 10, 2020

In a massive win for HSA, the Fair Work Commission has rejected Hair and Beauty Australia’s (HABA) bid to slash penalty rates for hair and beauty workers. HSA, with the support of the SDA and AWU, have been fighting the case for two years. HABA pushed for penalty rates to decrease from 200% to 150% […]

Keeping clients safe – Mia shares her story

by HSA Admin • November 15, 2019

Did you know that at HSA, we don’t just cover hair stylists? We also look after beauty therapists and beauticians, too! Today we’re telling the story of one of our WA ambassadors, Mia. Mia earned her Certificate II in Beauty Therapy, and completed her training at a local day spa. Like hair stylists, beauty trainees […]

Formaldehyde – Melanie shares her story

by HSA Admin • October 1, 2019

As a former hair stylist, our National Organiser Melanie has seen pretty much everything you can imagine in the hair and beauty industry. But one thing that still affects her to this day was her exposure to formaldehyde during her apprenticeship. To kick off Health and Safety Month this October, she’s sharing her story – […]

Managing illness – Nicole shares her story

by HSA Admin • September 25, 2019

Many hair stylists have to struggle through difficult working conditions — bullying from other clients or employers, long hours, or a hectic schedule. But what can you do when it feels like your own body is making it impossible to work? HSA ambassador Nicole has shared her story, detailing a lifetime of hair styling. She […]

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