New Beginnings: Jess shares her apprenticeship story

by HSA Admin • August 28, 2020

What do you do if you’re in an apprenticeship, but falling behind? We recently spoke to Jess, who managed to turn her difficult apprenticeship around with the help of HSA, and is sharing her story in the hopes it will inspire others. “It was fine – at the start,” Jess says. “She was professional and […]

Fighting Bullying with HSA – Adrienne shares her story

by HSA Admin • February 21, 2020

Ever worked in a salon, realised it was toxic and unhealthy, left for another salon… only to find that they were toxic and unhealthy too? It becomes a vicious, exhausting cycle and it can make working in hair and beauty really bleak. So what can we do to fix this? One of the founders of […]

Seeking Justice – Liz Shares her Story

by HSA Admin • January 17, 2020

Far too many young men and women are afraid to speak up in case their complaints come back to bite them. What can you do when you speak out about exploitation in your workplace and the salon turns against you? Our HSA Ambassador Liz did report her employer’s illegal behaviour, and when the situation got […]

From Apprentice to Salon Owner – Vanessa shares her story

by HSA Admin • December 6, 2019

When you’re an apprentice, it can feel like you’re being put through the wringer. Bullying, underpayments, and withheld entitlements are all too common with our members, but one HSA Ambassador has broken the cycle, and we’re proud to share her story. Vanessa started her hair styling career six years ago after, beginning at Toowoomba TAFE. […]

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