Do you know that apprentices have rights? Find out about your rights and entitlements here.

What you need to know

 Conditions of employment for Australian Apprentices are the same as for other employees. This includes hours of work, overtime, holidays, personal leave, superannuation and other penalty provisions. Additional working conditions for Australian Apprentices require that you have:

  • every opportunity to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge of your trade or traineeship
  • access to structured on and/or off-the-job training
  • paid time off work to attend training when necessary
  • a safe working environment.

What should I be paid?

All pay rates are provided in the Hair and Beauty Award. You can find pay rates for apprentices here:

Fair treatment

You should be treated the same as any other employee and be able to take action if you feel you have been bullied, harassed, discriminated against or your safety has been jeopardised.

Probationary period

The probationary period stipulated in the Australian Apprenticeship Training Contract allows you to be assessed before being taking them on permanently. You may still be entitled to notice of termination under the relevant award, enterprise agreement, or National Employment Standards during the probationary period.

Workers’ compensation

You are entitled to workers’ compensation. For specific information view your relevant state or territory government’s legislation.

What can I do if I need help?

If you’re experiencing a problem with your pay, read on to find out more information on what you can do. To access this information you need to be a HSA member. It’s easy to join.

Steps to take if you need help

1st step. Is your employer in breach of the Hair & Beauty Award? If you’re unsure book a call or chat with us.

2nd step. Ask the question. If your employer is in breach of the Hair & Beauty Award ask the question.  If this is the first time something has gone wrong at work and you’ve got a good relationship with the boss, just ask the question. Make sure you put any questions to your boss about working conditions in writing. If you need any tips get in touch with us. Book a call or chat.

3rd step: Be clear on your outcome. What outcome are you seeking? Is it a realistic outcome? Are there any other outcomes you would be happy with?

4th step: Professional advice & Support. If you’ve asked the question and your employer does not agree or refuses to consult with you on the matter, then it’s time to get some professional advice and support. Book a call to get in touch with one of our legal officers for advice on how to handle the situation.

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