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Become an HSA member and we’ll help you reclaim stolen payments and get your savings on track. Our fees start at just $3 a week, and they’re tax-deductable!

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Reclaim stolen wages

We can help you get unpaid wages and super back from a current or former employer.


Expert Support

HSA’s members receive special support to set up and consolidate their accounts


Super you can trust

Your money will grow faster with AustralianSuper – one of the best funds in Australia.


What is HSA?


Hair stylists are the lowest-paid qualified tradespeople across the country – a main reason for that is because hair stylists haven’t traditionally had a dedicated union representing them.

Electricians, plumbers, builders and other tradies have strong unions that stand up for their rights, and it’s time the hair industry did the same. We cover apprentices, senior stylists, rent-a-chairs, salon owners, sole traders – anyone in the hair and beauty industry. HSA offers one-on-one legal and industrial support to settle disputes, reclaim stolen wages, and offer advice.

By joining HSA, you also become part of our network of empowered, motivated hair stylists ready to make a change and shake up the industry!


Membership fees


All members are required to pay a small fee to be entitled to membership. HSA is a not-for-profit, so all money that’s contributed by members goes back into HSA – providing HSA members with support and resources, and campaigns to build a better future in the hair industry.

To keep things fair, membership rates are based on your position and how much you earn.



Experience                 Weekly Rate
1st + 2nd year                         $3.00
3rd year                                   $5.00

Qualified Hairdressers + Sole Traders

Salary                            Weekly Rate
Below 26K                                 $5.00
26K-46K                                    $7.00
46K-66K                                    $9.00
66K+                                        $12.00

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