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HABA submits proposal to cut penalty rates

March 20, 2018

Hair And Beauty Australia (HABA) have submitted their proposal to reduce penalty rates to the Fair Work Commission. After cutting penalty rates for the retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy industries last year, the Commission said that penalty rates would be reviewed for the hair and beauty industry.

HABA have proposed to cut Sunday penalty rates from 200% to 150%, and Public Holiday penalty rates from 225% to 200% in their submission. The hearing is due to take place later this year.

On their website, HABA says current penalty rates are “no longer fair or relevant in contemporary workplaces,” and says the hair and beauty industry should align with the retail and pharmacy industries.

We at HSA understand that many of our members rely on penalty rates, and are already struggling to cover the basics in their homes. If these penalty rate cuts go ahead, then Australia’s lowest-paid tradies risk falling even further behind.

That’s why we’ll be challenging HABA’s proposal at the Fair Work Commission, and will be campaigning against the suggested cuts.

Check back on our website to stay up to date on our fight to protect your penalty rates, or support the HSA’s campaign by becoming a member today.

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