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Need some help with a situation at work? This is a one stop shop to provide you with information on your rights and entitlements, from wages and super to work and safety, bullying, mental health rights, and apprenticeships.

All of our info is sourced from the Hair and Beauty Award, the Fair Work Act, the National Employment Standards, and the Safe Work Act, and has been developed by our legal team. We reckon we’ve covered off almost everything you need to know, but if you still have questions about something, please send us a message on chat or email us for help! 

Your Rights.

COVID-19 Safety

Get the latest legislation info, and key WHS advice and checklists.

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Mental Health

Mental Health is a big WHS issue! We run through details on your rights here.

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Fair Pay

Make sure you’re on the correct Award rate, and get all the info on penalty rates and payslips.

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Everyone needs time off. Find out what leave applies to you, and what you need to do to claim it.

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Your super is important! Get the details on what you’re owed, and what to do if you’re not getting it.

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It’s NEVER OK. Find out what bullying looks like, and how you can tackle it at work.

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Just because you’re a casual worker, it doesn’t mean you’ve got no rights! Find out more here.

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Get up to speed on your rights and entitlements, even if you’re just starting your career.

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Mental Health Risks

Check out our write-up of your legal rights and your mental health and safety at work.

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Ending Employment

Time to move on from your current salon? Or have you been given the sack? It’s important to know your rights.

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Is it time for a break yet? Believe or not hair stylists are entitled to breaks. Find out your entitlements here.

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Rosters and Hours

No one works hours like a hair stylist! Find out more about your entitlements to rosters and hours.

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