Ethical Salons

We want to promote and support salon owners who do the right thing by their staff. That’s why we have started Ethical Salons to recognise salons that are doing the right thing and provide you with advice and support for you and your staff!

Cass from The Cutting Room at Riverstone

“After 25 years in the industry and 12 years as a salon owner, I believe that running a great “ethical” salon is mainly about creating a joyous, fair, electric and informative environment. Our core values are respect, honesty, integrity and innovation. We believe in constantly learning so we provide ongoing training. Respecting your team comes in all forms but it will always come full circle. Pay your team correctly and on time, educate, enjoy your craft = clients that are raving fans, who tell their friends and you get more clients. All this equals a strong, successful, enjoyable team and business.

Because of our approach to running our business we have won numerous awards for business, environment and training.

Ultimately work should be a safe, dependable, fun and informative place to be. The fact that we get to be ultra creative, learn new things everyday and have the power to change someone’s self perspective is a massive bonus”.

Ethical Charter

  1. Pay hairdressers in accordance with the Award and skill level
  2. Pay hairdressers superannuation and at the correct rate
  3. Support the concept of a national industry training standard & improved regulations for qualified hairdressers.
  4. Treat hairdressers with respect and provide safe environments to work in.
  5. Provide Hair Stylists Australia with information on how much they pay staff (as part of application process) and provide one example of employee feedback of what it’s like to work at their salon.

Become an Ethical Salon

To become a Hair Stylists Australia endorsed Ethical Salon, all you need to do is complete our application and commit to the principles in our ethical charter.

By becoming an ethical salon you will have access to our legal and industrial team, and you will receive a HSA Ethical Salons supporter kit. All you need to do to sign up is complete our application form.

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