Casual hair stylists deserve fair pay!

Casual hair stylists are meant to receive an extra 25% for every hour worked, as they don’t have sick pay or annual leave.

But weekend penalty rates under the Hair and Beauty Award don’t include this loading for casuals, which equals $42 per full day that isn’t paid to a level three senior stylist. This can amount to over $4000 a year!

Compared with other trades, this isn’t fair. That’s why HSA is on a mission to #demandrespect for casuals and fight for the 25% casual weekend loading you deserve.

We’re taking our case to the Fair Work Commission, and we need your help. Sign the petition to support our campaign for equal treatment and fair casual wages. It’s time to #turnupthevolume and demand fair pay for casual workers!


Casual hair stylists get an extra 25% on their hourly wages compared to a permanent stylist — but don’t receive 10 days of paid sick leave and 20 days of paid annual leave per year. The 25% is supposed to account for these benefits so casuals aren’t worse off.

But weekend penalty rates for casual workers — 133% for Saturdays and 200% for Sundays — are added to the base hourly rate, not the casual loading.  This means a casual senior stylist earns $28.28 per hour during the week and $30.26 per hour on Saturdays — just $2 per hour more. 

All other trades have significant weekend allowances for casual workers, calculated on top of the 25% leave loading. But for casual Hair and Beauty workers, this is overlooked. We think this is incredibly unfair and needs to change.


In August 2019, we went to the Fair Work Commission to protect penalty rates for Hair and Beauty workers — and we won! In their ruling, the Fair Work Commission ruled that Hair styling is a skilled trade and hair stylists are tradespeople. 

So we’re taking this argument back to Fair Work, and arguing that weekend penalty rates should be adjusted for casual workers, like they are for every other trade.

But there are a lot of employment groups and organisations who won’t like this. They’re going to launch their own case against us, and with big salons nationwide backing them, we know they’ll have the resources to put together a massive case to fight us at Fair Work.

That’s where we need your help. 

HSA is the first union for hair stylists in Australia. We were created by hair stylists, for hair stylists. We don’t have big corporate partnerships backing us, and we rely heavily on our membership fees to keep our campaigns going.

We know the law is on our side, but there’s a lot of work we have to do to collect evidence, organise witnesses, and put together a legal team to represent HSA on the bench.

What can you do to fight for fairness?

From just $3 a week for apprentices, you can become a member of HSA and join our movement to #turnupthevolume on casual wages and rights. Plus, as a member, you get heaps of awesome benefits, like one-on-one support with our expert team to resolve workplace disputes, help with reclaiming unpaid wages or super, and mediation on bullying and harassment claims.

Sign up today and help support our fight for equality and respect in the hair and beauty industry! 💪

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