Have you got what it takes to be an Ethical Salon?

by HSA Admin • January 24, 2020

At HSA we know the best salons to work in are where the boss and staff are able to work together. That’s why we created the Ethical Salons initiative, to celebrate and recognise those owners who are doing right by their staff, and to give them support where they need it. So what does it […]

Seeking Justice – Liz Shares her Story

by HSA Admin • January 17, 2020

Far too many young men and women are afraid to speak up in case their complaints come back to bite them. What can you do when you speak out about exploitation in your workplace and the salon turns against you? Our HSA Ambassador Liz did report her employer’s illegal behaviour, and when the situation got […]

HSA wins penalty rates case with FWC!

by HSA Admin • January 10, 2020

In a massive win for HSA, the Fair Work Commission has rejected Hair and Beauty Australia’s (HABA) bid to slash penalty rates for hair and beauty workers. HSA, with the support of the SDA and AWU, have been fighting the case for two years. HABA pushed for penalty rates to decrease from 200% to 150% […]

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