Ruby Rose shares her super story

by HSA Admin • October 25, 2019

There’s one thing every trained hair stylist has in common – they started their career as an apprentice. Ripping tinfoil, sweeping floors and manning the basin is all in a day’s work. But when something goes wrong, who do you turn to? Ruby-Rose, an HSA ambassador, has come forward with her apprenticeship story, and why […]

How to deal with dermatitis in your salon

by HSA Admin • October 17, 2019

If you’ve ever had what seems like a rash on your hands from working in the salon, you’re part of the majority. 61% of practicing hair stylists and 59% of hairdressing students have experienced a skin problem on their hands – generally contact dermatitis – during their career. Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when your skin […]

Dealing with head lice – some HSA tips

by HSA Admin • October 11, 2019

As part of National Safe Work Month this October, we’re educating our members around health and safety issues in the salon, especially those that seem to fly under the radar. One of these ongoing problems is head lice. They can be a common occurrence in the salon, but if not taken care of straight away, […]

Sexual harassment – Kimberley shares her story

by HSA Admin • October 9, 2019

(Content Warning: This story discusses sexual harassment and sexual assault. If the story is upsetting, we advise you stop reading immediately and reach out to a member of your support team) Did you know that 70% of Australian workers have suffered sexual harassment at some point in their working lives? It’s something that affects the […]

HSA Launches Industry Survey

by HSA Admin • October 3, 2019

HSA is pleased to announce that we’re launching our first-ever industry survey to get a better view of hair and beauty across Australia, and help focus our campaigns on the issues that matter most to our members and followers. Some of the key questions we want to ask you are: Does your pay match up […]

Formaldehyde – Melanie shares her story

by HSA Admin • October 1, 2019

As a former hair stylist, our National Organiser Melanie has seen pretty much everything you can imagine in the hair and beauty industry. But one thing that still affects her to this day was her exposure to formaldehyde during her apprenticeship. To kick off Health and Safety Month this October, she’s sharing her story – […]

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