As part of our campaign to save hair stylists’ penalty rates from being slashed, HSA have launched a petition so members and hairdressers around Australia can support our cause.

If you’re not in the know, Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA) have proposed to cut penalty rates for Sundays (From 200% to 250%) and public holidays (from 225% to 200%). If successful, hair stylists working on Sunday could lose up to $90.80 a week. If you work eight hours on a public holiday, you’ll lose up to $45.40 per shift.

Penalty rate cuts have already hit hard-working hospitality and retail workers, and if we don’t do something, hairdressers will be next. On August 26, HSA is challenging HABA’s unfair proposal at a hearing at the Fair Work Commission and we’re calling on hair stylists to speak up. Are you in?

Support our fight to protect penalty rates for all hair stylists sign the petition today  to show you stand with the HSA. Want to do more? Then why not become a member? The more support we have from the industry – and the public – then the louder our voices will be heard!