Earlier this month, the NSW Government announced a proposal to remove the requirement for hair stylists to have a Certificate III qualification to work.

This would have meant that anyone would be able to call themselves a hair stylist and open a salon. We know that there’s more to hairdressing just cutting hair, and hair stylists work hard for three years to learn how to mix chemicals for hair dye, how to work with specific hair types, and how to operate certain tools and equipment.

Scrapping this proposal would put both hairdressers and customers at risk, and severely undermine hair stylists’ status of professional tradespeople that we work hard to protect.

We immediately condemned the proposal and launched an online petition so hairdressers across NSW and Australia could show their support for their trade.

And we’re so proud to say we won! After gathering a massive 22,000 signatures on our online petition, the NSW Government have told us that they’re dropping the proposal.

This is a massive win for HSA, the industry, and for hairdressers around NSW. Thanks to everyone who supported us by sharing our stories online, signing our petition, and encouraging friends and family to do the same.

The HSA is continuing to fight for har stylists across Australia. Find out more about how you can join our movement and protect your rights and entitlements, or just reach out to us if you have any questions!