The New South Wales state government has put forward a proposal to scrap the Hairdressers’ Act 2003 as part of what has been labelled as a “spring clean” of outdated laws.

HSA and other unions have come out sharply against the move, saying the deregulation will put the quality of hairstyling in NSW at risk. Currently, the law states that every professional hairdresser must have a Certificate III in hairdressing.

Senior hair stylist Melanie Coombes criticised the proposal, saying qualifications are needed to keep workers and customers safe. “There’s so much more to hairdressing than just cutting someone’s hair,” she told the Newcastle Herald. “It’s a science – you’re working with chemicals and you need to know what you’re doing.”

“I’ve spent a good part of my life getting the qualifications I need … and for the government to say anyone on the street can pick up a pair of scissors makes me so angry,” she added.

HSA plans to fight the proposal with an online petition, and further action planned. Keep up to date on our Facebook and website for more information!